Trust is the glue of life. It's the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It is the foundational principle that holds all relationships. - Stephen Covey

Caroline and Christopher Voss, Parents of Two

We first started working with Patricia in 2008 when she came and stayed in our house in Germany. At the time as young parents we found it difficult to manage and discipline our children as well as find a bespoke parent manual tailored to our needs. Patricia was able to read the patterns of our children and reassured us that no child is born naughty.

She first spent time with Caroline (mother) to discover what her priorities, needs, values and schedule are. Then having observed the children closely she noticed why they behaved the way they did. With Chris’ exceptionally busy professional lifestyle we were looking to add more harmony and balance to our life. Having Patricia working with us transformed our children within hours. The benefits, teachings and learnings were eye-opening. The best we could ever have given to our children was the gift of understanding and compassion.

Ten years later we were privileged enough to implement the upgraded approach as our children were going through puberty. The approach that Patricia used was a novelty to my husband and I as we’ve never heard of NLP before and the effects left us glowing. Through keen observations and instincts she was able to cause a shift in our awareness and energy. And all of this after only 24 hours. I feel Patricia's work has injected our lives with renewed vibration. The possibilities are beautiful!

Having followed Patricia’s suggestion I had a beautiful evening with the kids yesterday. I explained to them that the idea of not giving presents this Christmas is not a punishment and they have done nothing wrong. We just want to do something different. Then I told Leyla that she is my present and what that meant to me. She was stroking my face afterwards. I know we're on the right path now. What we’ve realized is that receiving help over the years has kept our family whole. Thank you for reminding us of our journey. You are my spiritual sister for sure!

 Irum Khaliq, Personal Performance Life Coach and a Mother of Two
"When I first came across Patricia’s childcare concept I was blown away. Thanks to the competent service provided for my 2 young boys I was able to truly focus on growing my business and taking it to the next level. The exceptionally high standard, professionalism and flexibility the packages offered ticked all my boxes. The care and attention given to my sons gave me the peace of mind. The child carers have become an extension of our household and I am delighted to see the boys flourish at a level I know I could not have managed on my own. Thank you Patricia for taking such pride in finding the perfect solution for the unique needs of both of my boys. "

Rebecca Fischhaber, Mother of Four
“Patricia came to work with our family in Germany in 1993. We loved having her working and living with us. We watched her enthusiasm and can-do attitude transform our children’s lives through assisting them in developing a sharp and independent approach.

Everything that Patricia experienced and learned she’s transformed into a concept and created this amazing business. We were pleased when she told us that she had founded Auth3ntic You(th) because we knew other children are going to benefit from it as well."  

Jag Kumari, Mother of one
"I found Authentic Youth through a friend of mine who is a satisfied client of the company. What appealed to me most about the concept was that it focuses on every aspect of a child’s development (mental, social, emotional and physical). The packages are tailored to every family’s individual needs so my husband and I are reassured our daughter is in great hands when we’re often away on business trips".